Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blanket for Baby Abigail

I started this project a little over two weeks ago. About half way through now, I am amazed at how much faster this blanket is going than the first one I knitted.

I started knitting my first blanket (coincidentally the background for this blog) about two years ago, and it was quickly dubbed the "Never Ending Blanket of Doom." I had to be meticulously careful with each stitch. One time I dropped a stitch, and the whole thing almost unraveled from the inside out. It took me half a year before it even resembled a blanket, and the thing had me nearly in tears on several occasions. Almost a year later I had given life to a small blue lace blanket, a gift finished just in time for my mother's birthday.

Compared to the simple lace pattern on the first blanket, the stockinette stitch I'm using requires no counting, no stitch markers, and I've even done a few rows without looking down. Right now the plan is to crochet up some flowers with embroidery thread and attach them randomly to the blanket when it's finished. I'm hoping this adds a girly touch while still keeping the blanket soft, useable, and washing machine friendly.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Color: Baby Brights
Needles: Size 10 (6mm) circular

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