Monday, May 23, 2011


After I organized my yarn stash a few months back, I realized how HUGE my stash really is. During the past few months, that stash has only grown. I was gifted a $50 yarn shopping spree for my birthday, Upcycle Exchange opened (see my most recent finds there to the right), and next weekend I'm visiting my grandma who wants me to help organize her stash, and give me even MORE yarn.

Clearly I have become an addict.

Yarn isn't my only addiction collection, though. I also have an affinity for globes/maps, a shelf of antique cameras, and a collection of die-cast pencil sharpeners. Not to mention the now hundreds of books I have that are overflowing out of my three bookcases... I have started on a mission to clean up these collections, and to organize my crafting space and get to work!

So what about all of you out there: What are your addictions/collections?

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